Monday, October 8, 2012


Where has this year gone? It seems only yesterday we where playing laser tag in Mandeville for Kaylee's 12th birthday and not its October 9th! All of my kids have had birthday this year and our last holiday other than thanksgiving and Christmas is our anniversary this month. David and I have a few ideas of what we are gonna do its just we can't decide which one todo. We thought about going back to Natchez and view the plantations for Fall Pilgrimage. Then there is foley,al where we want todo a little shopping and go to Lamberts but then there is Tn which is so nice this time of year. Then last but not least is Nola. We though about staying in a bed and breakfast and going on the dinner cruise that night. And maybe a carriage ride. Truthfully I would be happy with a spa date for two dinner and going home to my own comfy bed. But we will see what we end up doing.

The post before this I just did a few pictures I wanted to upload. A bunch where Mollee. She is a mess and a true handful. She messed up my tree flower bed. That's the other picture I posted. I was really mad at her but quickly got over it due to her cute posses she was doing for me.

My Granny is doing ok. She has been moved a lot these past two months.
She went to a nursing home, to a regal back to the nursing home, then to a rehab in LaComb and is now in the hospital. Her memory is better some days. She was in good spirits yesterday when I visited. With her in different places, the kids in school and David's weird work schedule and church we have been rolling nonstop .

I hope to start a diet in the morning. I read that a fellow blogger is doing a strict 6 day a week diet but one day he eats whatever she wants. That sounds like me! So as of today I'm taking the kids to school, exercising, eating breakfast (which I hate) and eating a BIG lunch and a light dinner. Hopefully I can get off the tea! I have gotten off the sodas and coffee!!! Now to tackle my sugar obsession :)

Oh we went to Hammond today. We had to mow a lot for my Mom. We got a treat. HIHO! Yum...
We checked out the got carts for sale too! The kids of corse want one. But I told them barn FIRST!
So they are praying for a barn with a gt cart inside:)sweet kids....

Till next time-Val

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