Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Elf on the shelf

We started the tradition this year of the elf on the shelf. My kids are a tad but older but DJ and Emilee still believe in the magic of Christmas. Kaylee knows but she loves to play along. I found the Elf on the shelf and book at Dirt Cheap for only $15! That's half off. We named him Jollee. Santa sent a letter with him the first night he arrived and left candy out for breakfast! Whoohoo the teachers loved me that day!
I read a blog where a lady does a polar express/ North Pole breakfast for her little ones and I plan on doing that soon. I also am looking for an Advent calendar. I wanted a felt one with the nativity scene but I don't know of I will be able to find it before the first. If not I plan to by a nativity scene and make my own little bags with the numbers and go from there.
I can't believe how much time I have on my hands with all the kids in school and Granny not being home to watch. I still run out of time but I accomplish so much more and I even am able to surprise the kids with things!
Anywho... Here are a few pictures from our first 6 days with Jollee the Elf. Day 2 is missing for some odd reason.

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