Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012


We did the usual for Christmas eve. My Uncle and Aunt came over this year too. I feel bad but I don't think I took a picture of them. We made sweets and homemade pizzas. We used to make large pizzas but we started last year making personal pan ones and we did that this year as well. I like how you can really personalize your toppings without having to give up a single one! My kids like pepperoni and cheese but I love all toppings especially veggies. 

We also warmed up  craw fish bisque I made earlier in the week and it was gone in a flash! I didn't get but a half of a cup.
It was yummmmmmmy!

After dinner we opened presents which was so funny this year. I loved the kids expressions when they got something they had asked for. 

My Dad loves brain teaser games!

 Look ...... Kaylee is smiling :)

 These next few are of Emilee Grace. I loved her reactions to her gifts. She is a very personable child. She loves too receive but LOVES it even more to give.

 Can you tell they both are excited over DJ's paper jam guitar?!

 Poppy got Emilee a metal detector! She was so excited she wanted to go outside and use it in the dark!
 BEST MOM EVER! She got a Sims game.

One day Kaylee will kill me for the pictures I post of her! 

She got an iphone 4 with cute wallet case that she wanted.

 Kaylee got a  new phone and case, DJ got a new ipod (he lost his older one) and Emilee has stepped up from the ipod to an iphone 3gs! Kids these days and their electronics.
 The after math!!
 DJ on his new board showing off his skills.
 His board with his carrying case and helmet  was a A +PLUS!
Emilee got KK a 3D viewer. Emilee loves her mean BIG sissy!

Hope you enjoyed my picture over load.

Till next time~Val

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