Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas with the Rainey's

We used to do a Christmas/ thanksgiving gathering with my Moms side of the family every year. After my MawMaw passed away everyone kind of started doing there own thing. A bunch of us decided that we wanted to restart this tradition and it was really nice. We all went to my uncle and aunts home in Baton Rouge. We have a rather large side so we drew names and each person you drew a name for you had to buy a gag gift and a $20 gift. It was really fun to see the gag gifts being opened. Unfortunately my phone went dead by this time so I didn't get any pictures of this.

We also used to play tons of games but this year we only played bingo.
Next year we are gonna have lots more games which is always a party favorite. Now we did dance a little to oldies which is always a fun way to spend time together.

There where quite a few that couldn't make it like David, Casey, Lauren, my aunt Debbie her crew other than Rae and Minner and garland. Maybe next year!

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