Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weekend recap

This past weekend we went to a Toby Mac concert in Baton Rouge. Mandisa, Jamie Grace, Brandon Heath, Chris August and I think one other group was there. The whole concert was amazing! Everyone song they sang my whole family knew and we danced and sang right along with the artists. Mandisa and Toby where my favorites. I love the Good morning song by her. After we left the covert we drove to Alexadria where we stayed for two nights. We went to see the Christmas lights and fireworks in Nacodoches. Let me just say that if you haven't done that please put it on your to do list. The fireworks lasted over ten minutes with music playing as they went off. The bridge over the river had shoot fireworks on it and it was incredible! During the day they have a craft fair and lots of food. The only down fall is that you have to pay to get past the gates and the food was really pricey. Also once the light show was over it was so crowded that I kind of got nervous. David wasn't able to come with us so I had to divided my little ones up with my Mom and stepdad so not being able to hold each one of their hands threw the crowds got me a little jumpy. But we did make it safety back to our car and had a wonderful time.

When we got back Jollee the elf was playing the ps3. She also said that she missed snow the next day so we made her snow flakes. And to thank us for making her snow flakes she colored our milk pink and hung out in the frig since it was nice and cold in there.
The kids are really enjoying having the Elf. They kind of suspect that I move him but they see how fun it is and I think that's why they haven't cold busted me.
Kaylee already knows about Santa and I kind of feel bad for telling the kids sometimes lies about the jolly ole man but truthfully when it all boils down to it it's only make believe. Enough for this update.

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