Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

I think I ramble way to much. But that is who I am so that is that! Ha!
So, today was Easter Sunday and yesterday was one busy day. My Mom and step dad came in about 1ish. David and the kids hung out with Pop while my Mom and I went to get the craw fish and a few items I forgot to get from Wal-mart.
We ended up going not only to Wal-mart but to Dirt Cheap too!
I absolutely  love that place!
I got Madison a bunch of Dora things from there and I even was able to find Austin one or two things. I can't believe the low prices there. I think with everything I picked up it was like $12 I had a whole buggy full of stuff.  
So off we went to the seafood house to pick up the craw fish and low and behold they had boiled potatoes and corn ready! We had a little sample while we waited.  :))

Finally we made it home and started the bake fest.

It felt endless but well worth it in the end. 
Tons of yummy Easter sweets which is a MUST this house!
I've got a growing husband to feed :))

 We dyed Easter eggs and painted them too!
 Well Emilee Grace, DJ and I did.
The rest of the family entertained themselves with their phones and the computer. 

 Look it's Farmer DAVE!
That is his yard working outfit :))
 Finally Pop and Guanny finished checking emails and whatever else OLD people do on Iphones and played trouble with the little ones.
Of course Kaylee didn't move from her spot!

To be continued......

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