Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Garden Part 2

I finally got around to planting things in my garden. The day after I had a my friends come over and plow it rained for two days straight. Lord, We do no need anymore rain. My poor road looks like a river.

Here is a few pictures of us planting.
I edited a lot of them because my hair was awful!
My little mini me was helping me.
Kaylee was in her cave (aka ROOM)
DJ was in the woods at first but came out to handle hard jobs he said. LOL

 OK so my hair is horrible in this picture and I don't look to happy but I really am so excited about our garden. My dad went SNAP happy taking pictures!
Lots will not get posted because of how horrible I look.
 Our row of tomatoes plants.
(Thanks Paw Paw David)
 Momma's helper!
 Kaylee finally decided to come out of her cave (aka her room) and help for a few minutes.
 Emilee Grace helping me plant corn.
 DJ using the weed eater for the first time.
He is getting so BIG!

This is a snap shot of my garden with everything almost planted.
Row 1 Has all tomato plants except at the very end I planted 5 chalets.
Row 2 Has four tomato plants, four bell pepper and I want to say four snap beans. At the very end of this row I have 5 asparagus plants. I really didn't want to put them in a row but I didn't read up on them until I had put them in the ground. Next year I will have them their own section.
Row 3 Has nothing yet. I am going to get pepper plants this weekend and I want to grab about four more bell pepper plants.
Row 4 Has corn planted by seeds at the very end and I am leaving the beginning of the row with nothing because I am afraid I will not have enough room with the plants on the back row.
Row 5 has four cucumbers, four squash, five sunflowers which will not serve any purpose other than being pretty, two cantaloup, and two watermelon.
Now I still have to go by and get more plastic fencing and get a trellis for the vine plants to go up.
I would let them just go on the ground but we have deer and bunnies and I don't want them getting a hold of my yummy plants.

Now here is a picture of us (Kaylee and I) plugging grass. We got this tool from my Dad and got some grass plugs from his house and we are praying that this really works.
Pray for my GRASS!

This is a picture of the bare grass that we are trying to get going.
It really is 100% better than last year though.

Till next time~Val

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