Friday, June 28, 2013

I am trying out David's iPad mini and keyboard he got for his birthday. It feels really nice I might be making a change from the kindle fire to the iPad for my birthday. I also like it because it uses the same charger as my iPhone 5. 

On other news I am leaving for Jacksonville tomorrow sometime. I was leaving Monday but DJ has to be back by the 8th. He is starting guitar lessons that day. Rocker star in the making. LOL

I can't wait to get to FLorida to see my ole friend and her family. It seems like yesterday they moved to Florida. I miss them so much and I pray that one day they will move back to good ole La. 

Update on my Advacare 24 day challenge- It is going really good. I measured and weighed before i started and I measured today just to see if there was nay changes and I have lost an inch off my belly and thighs! I can't weigh at home because the battery in my scale went out. No biggie, I will just be super excited to see the end results! I am on the max phase right now Day12. The spark is amazing I think! The fruit punch is my favorite flavor. 

Just a few more updates. 
1. I am going to Tn for my birthday with my parents! Super excited about this! 
2. I booked our cruise for our Anniversary!
3. So excited about going see Michael Buble' in concert in October for our anniversary.
4. I finally picked out our house plans and just need to order them! Febuary can't come soon enough!

I think that is it for now.

Till next time~ Val

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