Thursday, July 11, 2013

Finally home

We are finally home from our long vacation in Florida. We have been home really since Sunday night but tonight is when I finally got unpacked and everything washed. We have way to many clothes and I really need to declutter. Kaylee has more than anyone I believe and she doesn't even wear half of them. She likes a select few shirts and skirts and thats a wrap! She is such a tom boy. 
I really and enjoying David's mini ipad. It is so light and the keyboard that he has is so user friendly. 

Oh another note I am canceling the trip with my parents in August for my birthday. I really want to go to Tn but I really do not want to travel anymore without David. It is just so hard without him with the kids being older and wanting to run off and do things. Plus unloading and loading the van is a real chore! LOL

Kelly and her family are here till the end of the month. I am trying my best to get her to move here but it seems it is not working. I don't understand why she likes Florida so much? I mean I like to visit the beach and all but after a day or so I am ready for good ole Louisiana! I am just gonna put this in the Lords hands and pray that he sees fit for her to move. :)

One last thing. February can not get here soon enough! I am about to go crazy in this small mobile home. I mean I am grateful and all for being free of notes and all but I need more than one bathroom! So Lord please let this year FLY BY but once my house is built let it the time start going slow as a snail! 

ok, I guess I should go to bed. The kids get up so early. 

Till next time- Val


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