Wednesday, September 4, 2013


So I woke this morning to find this sweet surprise from my little loves.
Emilee loves to decorate and DJ made the cute little banner hanging from the string. Notice David's wrap job to the left under a towel! He is so funny. 
Mine craft Happy birthdays! 
Emilee grace made me a yummy cake!
My sweet friend Melanie made this Beauty!  
A few gifts from my sweet loves. Most of my pictures are on the cannon so I will upload them later. 
Emilee is definitely a Leblanc! Look at that wrap job!
We went to eat at red lobster like every year. When I got there my mom, pop, Rae, Casey and Lauren where there with gifts and my princess attire. 
   Yummy absolutely Lobster and season melody. 
Cards and gifts from my baby's and friends. 

My lovely tea set from my mom and pop. 
Vintage Gracie!!!!!
I got this awesome pot from my Dad.
David got my these oil and vinegar containers I have been wanting for years. 

I am truly one blessed girl. I am thankful for all the birthday wishes and such a wonderful day. I can't wait to see what the rest of 30 holds for me!

Till next time-Val

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