Saturday, November 29, 2014

Life is good

Recently we purchased a new home. We had in hopes to one day build but that was not in our stars once I laid my eyes on this beauty! We had decided to just stop one day and pass sometime away and see what some double wides looked like inside and check out some prices. There was this one by the road that I had my eye on. It had a wrap around porch! Well I got to looking at it and started asking questions. Then I found out the had repos! So of course my curious mind wanted to check them out. The first one they showed we was ahhh ok. Nothing special. Then my future home was next. I FELL in LOVE! It was perfect! The rooms, the layout. The master bath! The price was just unbelievable too! I knew it was God! So I went home and prayed. Normally if something stays on my mind for more than 48 hours it's meant to be for me. You see I have ADD and my mind jumps all over the place. So Monday morning I sent David to check on it and a week later we closed and she is sitting pretty on 12 acres! Here are a few pictures 

(This above picture was taken while they where putting my shingles on- hence the man on my roof)

I'm so very excited because I've went from 900sq ft to 2462sq ft! I'm moving on up like the Jeffersons! Lol

I'll post more pictures of inside soon

Till next time-Val

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