Monday, March 9, 2015

Field trip Friday-Jefferson Davis House

The Friday before last we went on a field trip to the Jefferaon Davis house in Biloxi,Ms. It was a very interesting place to visit especially for DJ. The had a museum filled with guns and old things which are really interesting to him. Here are the only pictures I snapped. I left my big camera at home (bummer) and didn't use my phone that much because I don't like the qaulity of pictures it takes.
This is his youngest daughters room. She designed it. All the room in the front part of the house where made up all nice and dances but his room and his wife's room was plain Jane! 

This is the ladies parlor 
This view is the men's parlor.
This house had two closets. This was really unheard of in his day because for each closet the taxes where higher. They based it as another room. That's why you really only see armoires in photos or inside old homes.  
Above are wedding pictures of him and his second wife. His first wife died after only 3 months of marriage if I can remember right.

I don't recall who's room this was. I know it wasn't his or his wife's. 
This was taken in his youngest daughters room. It was her desk. 
Selfie with the Lollipop!
The kids in the garden. They had the best smelling Rosemary plants. Behind the kids is the museum. It had a library and a bunch of rooms filled with so many interesting things. Gun, books, clothes etc.
The mansion and to the left and below is the house where one of his daughters lived.
A beautiful Oak tree on the property.
Afterwards we went to TGIF a for late lunch early supper. There was also a grave yard which I did not take any pictures of because they had free roaming horses and do donkeys. I would of been ok but the sign on the gate larDkng that was said they kick and bite so I was very nervous and didn't enjoy myself while looking. Lol
This was a really fun field trip. I would love to go back and visit it again. When we where there another school was there so we felt kind of rushed. Perks of being homeschooled-we can go back anytime!

Till next time-Val

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