Wednesday, December 30, 2015

One busy week

       *this didn't publish either :(  It is from 2 years ago I believe.

 This past week has been one crazy ride. The kids and I started our homeschool journey. Its been pretty fun. We are using a lot of different materials to fit each one of their learning individually. I am extremely excited to learn about the states together. One of my favorite things I did in school was history about the United States. I have lots more on this topic but I only have a short break to get to blog today.

         Another big thing that happened last week was I got sick. It was a horrible stomach virus which was not anything I would wish on anyone. I started  feeling sick Sunday and it lasted well into Wednesday. I thought I was having a relapse but thankfully it was a false alarm. My friend Kelly and her family ended up with it too. Just awful. I felt like I was 10 lbs. lighter but that was all in my head. LOL

        One more big thing that I just decided was for school. I always talk in seasons and school as just not in my season right now. I wanted to make something of myself and be able to say, Hey I am a LMT but that is just not for me at the moment. Maybe later but not right now that's for sure. With my homeschooling the kids, taking care of my home and just being about to have enough hours in the day its just not working out. I have a completely different blog post just on this topic about just being enough as a Mom will be coming very soon. I also have learned the word, No! Crazy right? I am a yes person and I finally just recently had to start saying, No.

Well its all I can write for now. We are about to start reading aloud. My Fav!

Till next time- Val

P.S. Please don't be the grammar police! I'm doing 100 things at one time and trying to also blog on an iPad mini or phone.


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