Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas eve 2015

Our Christmas Eve

We have the same traditions every year. Since we started out little family in 1999 we have done the same thing every year. On Christmas Eve we make goodies all day. We start with candies, work out way to cookies and then pies and cakes! It smells delicious all day long. For dinner that night we always make pizza. We came up with this when we where very young and didn't really have a wide range of things I knew how to cook. :))
Young parent/teens= Pizza!!!!
So it stuck and we love it. Over the years we moved to making out own personal pizzas. MawMaw gave me that idea. 

DJ with his new hunting gear. He has wore this everyday since.
Thankfully I can make him take it off for a bath.

 Kaylee making her yummy candies.

 DJ taking a break eating chips and dip.

Emilee is making Jesus's birthday cake for breakfast on Christmas day! We always do this and the kids love it.

Kaylee's finished product!

Before we exchanged gifts Christmas Eve.

I am only posting a few of my favorite pictures from Christmas Eve.
Emilee got a vintage Japanese camera and DJ got Yummy Nummies.

Dad with his sandwich machine. This has been an awesome addition to our breakfast routine.

My Uncle Boo and his wife Missy always come for Christmas eve. They have to leave first thing after breakfast(coco and toast) on Christmas morning because she has to work that night.

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