Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

On Christmas Day for the past 5 years we stay at home. When we lived off in Colorado and in TN and didn't get to see everyone regularly we would make our rounds to each of our families. We traded back and forth etc. Once we bought our land and was a lot closer we decided we would stay home.
We adopted a few things to cook that we where used to eating at David's grandparents like gumbo and potato.
Emilee finally got a bigger iPad!

DJ got a PsVita!

Kaylee got a Wii U!!

Everyone was so excited from what Santa brought.
All of my kids are older now and they know Santa isn't real but we have come to an understanding that its just a way for adults to still play make believe and they are totally fine with it! I mean who wouldn't be right? :))
We have an Elf on the shelf and go visit Santa and even write him letters. I am just thankful that they are not sour pots and like to play along and don't mess things up for other children.

We also do one other thing on Christmas day. We go to the movies. This is a really cool thing for us because we love the movies.
This year we went and seen the new Star wars movie. It was okay. Everyone loved it except me. Only reason being is I had never watched any of the other star wars movies before. I asked a lot of questions and went on popcorn runs. :) I didn't mind though.

Santa's has came and gone!
We put the kids gifts in a bag this year and we are gonna make bags next year to reuse each year.
We loved this idea.

Well that's enough rambling for one post.

Till next time-Val

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