Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas in Hahnville

The Sunday before Christmas we went to my Moms and did Christmas with them. I made taco soup and made Oreo pie. They made some treats too!

This is my attempt to take a group shot :))

Emilee and I both got the same boot from my Mom and Mr. Donald.

Emilee got this and two others from Casey and Lauren.

She got a few gift cards to her favorite place- 2nd and Charles!!!

We got Lauren bath stuff.

We got my mom Coach sandals and a coach IPad case.

Casey and Lauren

Kaylee with her beautiful necklace

We had a great time with them that Sunday. We played a few new games. One was I gave everyone a plate and they put in on top of their head. They had to draw without looking whatever I said without looking. Whomever did the best won!
We also played a candy cane game where you had to pick them up like Monkeys in a barrel.
Last but not least we played Bingo. We each brought 5 gifts wrapped and when you won you go a present. I love this one because we play it like dirty Santa almost and you can steal gifts. It can get really fun if you don't have sour pots playing.

I am really a game playing person. I always have been. Every party I have or help with we play games to lighten the mood and for good laughs :))

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