Thursday, April 28, 2011

still pumped!

So all of my co-watchers of the Royal wedding are knocked out! Yup, thats right! Any other night they would be up till the crack of dawn being fussed at to go to bed but the one night that we where to have us a little late night party they are out! Other than Kaylee as of right now but she looks half asleep. Oh well....I hope to stay up and see it for myself but if I don't I know there will be replays. Or clips of it atleast.

I have some excited news.....

I am going to school starting this summer! Yes, thats right little ole me is gonna go back to college and do the practical nursing program. I have been really down in the dumps lately. My feelings where all over the place. But last night at church something clicked in me. I've prayed and prayed and I know this is what God has in store for me. I am already a care giver to my grandmother. It just took some serious thinking and praying to come to terms of what I was going to do.
I've always wanted to be a nurse for as long as I can remember and I am finally going to go forward with my dream.
I'm going in the morning to sign up for my Compass test. Thats in May. Can you believe I have been out of school for 10 years this year?
This is a whole new chapter for me. Us, really!

Also please pray for all the families that where affected by the tornaodo in Alabama. I can remember being in a similar situation with Hurrican Katrina. Losing everything. Not knowing if my loved ones and friends where safe. But I do remember all the prayers and helpers and donations. They really meant alot. So if you want to help I know you can contact the local Red Cross. Also here is a blog I follow that has some helpful stuff.

Well till next time~Val

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