Friday, July 1, 2011


Lately I have had a lot of decisions to make. Tuff ones, easy ones. I am having a hard time with both to be honest with you. Life is just stressful sometime. But I will praise in this storm and also when its sunny outside!
First my dog Ladybug "Lady" had 15 puppies. 14 made it. One only lived for two days. Sad.
This was a real challenge for myself and my family. Puppies are hard work and that amount of puppies was even harder. Kaylee was a super help along with the other two kids but her mainly.
Lady stopped feeding them about 2 weeks ago. They where only about 2 weeks old at this time. Very hard. VERY VERY hard. Thank God they where smart little pups and was able to drink from a bowl. And soon hard food softened. Wednesday was a even harder day. We where not planning on trying to find homes for theses little guys for about 2 more weeks but it just had to be done. Lady was misreable. They had teeth and the where hurting her. She even got a little mad with this Wednesday and that was when we knew that they had to get good homes fast!
So we took the gate and all but two pups and set out for Winn Dixie parking lot. The two pups we left home where for a friend from church.
Once we got to Winn Dixie, No lie we had homes for everyone of them in 15 mins flat!!! Not joking.
We prayed on the way there asking God to help us quicky find homes for our little pups and he did just that. :-) See God answers prayers on his time. Not ours. I was so stressed out about these dogs and he lifed the burden in his time. I am greatly releived.

Here is a picture of the only puppy we kept.

He is DJ's outside dog. He also was the smallest one and was not eating well.

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