Sunday, July 10, 2011

DJ graduates and end of the year awards

This post is really late but its better late than never! Here is my little man graduating from kindergarden in May. Things are pretty crazy around here and while I started looking threw my pictures I notcied I didn't post about his BIG day. Or awards for the girls.

Kaylee with her class mates.

DJ with his cousins, Alana and Arianna

My Dad giving out awards.
Kaylee got honor roll!
Emilee got BANNER ROLL!
All A"s!!!!

This is where it gets funny.
Do you see DJ in the middle?
He is ready to GO!!

And here again on the end.
The boy is a nut!
He even took his robe off later on.
I didn't get that because I was getting alittle mad....LOL
My growning babies.
DJ with my Mom, Guanny.
As you can tell he was tired.

His Poppy.
Thank GOD he can make him smile.

Finally! I picture with his parents. I wanted a family photo so bad but everything was pretty crazy that night. I am thankful for the few pictures I did get.

After awards and the graduation we went to Pizza Inn. Everyone went to Pizza Inn I think.

Till next time,Val

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