Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May ramblings

So there is a way to actually get rid of your FB. I know right, that came out of left field..ha!
So, you go in and you remove all the likes, friends and photos that you posted. Then once your done you have nothing left out there on the world wide web and you can successfully deactivate it! I mean you can still reactivate it and add new friends, likes and pictures but this is a way that you can make sure all of your stuff is gone if you are really wanting to give FB the boot. I think someone told me that even if your FB is deactivated you can still see the persons name under your friends list with this new policy that they have. I didn't want to have my name or stuff know where near FB (personal reason) so I went in and googled and thats what I came up with it. It really took some time but its well worth it in my book.

Enough about that, lets talk about Pinterest! Isn't that the best website ever?! I have so many dishes I want to make and the desserts are unlimited on there. My first recipe I am going to try is Cracker Barrells chicken and dumplins with a chocolate pecan pie for dessert. Can we say, Mouth watering!?

I've been doing extremely good with my new way of life eating (diet in other words) It has been a full 9 days since I have had a carbinated drink OR tea. This is a huge step and I can already tell a difference. I also have been walking everyday at the church, which is across the street from my house and its been wonderful. I did one mile te first day and now I am up to two a day. Next week I am gona shoot for three miles every other day and do some type of work out the other days. I really don't want to push it and break because I see the light at the end of the tunnel and its only been 9 days so I can't wait to see my progress in a month!!!
I also haven't been biting my nails which is something major all on its own. kudos to me.....

Now with all of that said, I also want to add that I love love love my new place. It might be small and only have one bathroom but being our here on our own land has been so peaceful. You can hear the crickets at night time, look up and see the stars. Its just a dream come true. Now for money to fall from the sky so I can add on my porch, get some more rocks on my road and a tractor. OH and while I am at it pay off my land and van too!!! LOL

Till next time~Val

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