Friday, July 6, 2012

Lost count

I truly lost count of the days. I think that it's the 7th day we have been gone but to be honest I'm not quite sure. We left last Thursday so if it's Thursday then we are on day 7 if not oh well. Ya get the picture.
1. I have been so tired due to sleep arrangements. Our resort beds where so firm I just could not get any rest.
Now that we are at my SIL's its hard to get rest too only because DJ insists I sleep with him on a twin bed.

I am so thankful my mom and step dad asked us to come with them and I am also glad I was able to spend some time with my friends in Jacksonville but I am so ready to be back in my big soft bed with my soft sheets. I also can't wait to see my pups. I miss them so much. I think this is the longest I've ever been away from then and let me tell you it's hard. They are like my babies. I miss my small trailer with one bathroom. But I will be excited o build so don't get it twisted. Lol
We leave early Sunday morning to go home. David is going to work Monday I hope. We are having problems with unemployment and ya not web very stress free around here.
We are praying about our options and what job direction we are going to go in. He might get an off shore job doing what he does or there is a few other companies he is going to look into.

Sorry if this is all running together. I have been blogging on my cell for the past few months and it makes lots of auto corrects etc.

He takes his nicet test on Saturday so that should be a good step forward.

Today we went shopping around Jacksonville. I got a few things. I am very happy with my clothes I have gotten while I have been in town. It's so nice to fill good about yourself. When you are wearing something you like and don't feel like you just threw something on with that "whatever!" attitude it does something for ya.
I got another dress from target today just different color plus another cardigan in another color. I also got the girls white cardigans that I have had my eye on. The where on sale for $3! That's what I am talking about.
I also picked up a few zooables for a friend of mines little girl. They where on clearance for two in a pack for under $5.

Well one more day here in Florida and then it's home sweet home.

Till next time, Val

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