Friday, March 1, 2013


So today I had started a diet. Ya know first of the month kind of thing. Well as Granny would say, Well La DE DA! It went bad quick after breakfast that is. I had 4 cups of water and a egg white omelet that was to die for. Emilee and I did this amazing 4 minute work out that really had me about to die. Then for lunch I had these chicken mini bites with a Starbucks drink. The energy drink they have put out that's strawberry lemonade is the best BTW! Then it was off to Bogalous to sell some candy for Bible quizzing. The kids did great sold all of them. Only problem is some of the people gave the candy to the kids. So I broke and tried one the caramel ones. OMG! Best chocolate bar ever!!!!!! OK, so I am using a lot of these !!!!! but eat one and you will see what I mean.

So we rushed back because Emilee wanted to make her a tutu for Alana's party tonight. It turned out super cute for making it in less than 10 minutes. When she gets home we are gonna make the ties smaller and add some glitter to it. It's gonna be stinkin CUTE! 

Here is a picture they sent of her getting her spa treatment.
This is girl is full of herself I tell ya!
So today my BESTIES brother and SIL had their precious baby boy!

The picture below is a scarf a fellow bible quizzer made. She is taking orders so if you are interested inbox me or leave a comment. They are $12 plus shipping which I can calculate later. Lots of colors.

Up next is these cute sandals that I MUST find and get! 
So if you know where I can get me a pair let help a girl out!

Even BIGGER news  is my LOVE got a job! 
If ya have been reading he got laid off last June. It was pure H#LL.
We had just moved out onto our land and it just came at the worst time.
Well GOD always knows BEST and David landed a job as a HSE.
I am telling ya we are BLESSED! 
This job is with a huge company and is about 30 minutes from the house. Beats the 2 hour drive to Luling and the 2 hours back any day!
I joke with him now and call him a pretty boy because he has to wear dress casual everyday. 
Big difference from doing fire sprinklers in a plant.

 He is a trip!

Keep him in your prayers. 

So I guess thats it for the ramblings for today. 

Till next time~Val

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