Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New school year 2015-16

A new year has begun!

We have officially started school about a week ago. We haven't worked everyday but the month of August is super busy for us.
We started dance last week. All three kids are taking this year. Tap, ballet, jazz/hip hop. They love it and I love watching them do something the love! DJ is super cute doing ballet! It was his idea too! I want to encourage the kids to do anything they want to.
I final had to break down and use Kaylee's laptop to blog on. My desk top sucks and the iPad gets on my nerves even with the key board. The only problem is her laptop is touch screen and I keep forgetting that and crazy stuff pops up when I am not wanting it too! All is good though. I will master this thing sooner or later.
Here is a few pictures of the kids from this year. We have already changed the school room around 2 times! I can't help it. I love to move things around. I love change. :)

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