Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The BIG 32

I turned 32 on the 16th! 32 has already been great so far. We normally celebrate all month long anyways and this year nothing has changed about that! The first weekend I went shopping and to the beach.

After that weekend was my Dads birthday-Monday the 3rd. I tried making him a layered neapolitan cake with homemade icing. Lets just say that the cake came out nice but the icing SUCKED! It was horrible. Horrible. HORRIBLE! I broke down and baked another cake and used store bought icing.

We took him to get new shoes because he is old and has everything he wants and needs. At least that's what he tells us.
We went out to eat for his birthday and he got the porter house. It looked so yummy. We had a great time celebrating him getting older. LOL

The second weekend we went to Lakynn's birthday party Sunday. The kids enjoyed seeing their cousins. 

The third weekend was my actually birthday weekend and I had a paint party Friday night. It was so fun. I only invited family for it because I wasn't sure if I would like it. My best friend from child hood was able to come, Kerry. I had not seen her since DJ was a baby.  After the party my mom and sil, Lauren came over to stay the night. 

The next day was my actual birthday!!!!! The day started out with breakfast in bed. (chocolate chip pancakes) We had a BBQ  around lunch, the kids swam and then we played bingo for prizes. It was so much fun. After everyone left Boo, Missy and I went to play bingo in Sun. We didn't have any luck but it still was fun to play. Every time I go I think of my Nanny and MawMaw. Like they are with my in spirit. I miss them terribly.

My niece Lakynn stayed the week with us and that's always fun. She keeps us on our toes.

This past weekend my Mom and I went to my Aunts and then shopping. I love shopping! Mainly thrift stores. Dirt cheap, Goodwill's, antique shops that sort of thing. It is funny I set out to only shop for me but I ended up finding the jackpot at Dirt cheap. We do Operation Christmas Child every year around the holidays and we found things for 4/$1 and 10/$1!!!!  It was Diaries with locks, head bands, stickers etc. I think now all I will need to find is wash clothes, tooth paste, hard candy to put in bins I found and tooth brushes. I had already collected markers, crayons, coloring books etc.

I also got things for the kids too. Clothes, shoes, charm brackets, etc. I can't remember everything.

Now I got 3 pairs of the cutest shoes. One is leopard, some black flats and then I found some of those new shoes that are light weight you just slip on. I love those the most. I worked out yesterday on the elliptical and it was amazing. Like I had nothing on.

I also got some charms for my bracelet.  My mom and I found some that said Mother and Daughter. I also got a anchor too. I like those. They remind me of fishing and being on the water. I love being on the water.
I found this cute leopard bag too! Now the biggest find we found was my new record player. Its portable, pink and I am in love.

I have had my eye on this chalk board and we got it for $3! Amazing deals I tell ya, amazing!
We also found this cute sunflower carry bag that remind me of my child hood and my how I became to love sunflowers.
The following week I got this in the mail from my bestie-Kelly!

Now this weekend is hopefully going to be laid back. We hope to go to church this Sunday and then head to Nola to end this awesome month of my birth!!!!!

P.S. I plan on doing 32 things I want to do in #32 so stay posted! :)


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