Tuesday, September 15, 2015

weekend recap

I am so thankful for this blog. It has been a life saver when it comes to looking back at things we have done. I can find pictures in no time at all!

This past weekend we went to New Orleans. We made a few stops. The Imax, aquarium, insectarium and we walked down to the French market.
We had a blast in the insectarium. DJ is so fun to be around and is such a people person. He never meets a stranger (which I guess could be bad) but he is just so full of happiness and life. He had been wanting to eat crickets. We finally went at a time that they where open. The man let him try every kind they made. ewwww is all I can say. There was another man working and he pulled out the chocolate covered crickets out of the fridge and told DJ these where for special people. He then convinced me that I should try one too and I did! It actually tasted like a crunchy raisin covered in chocolate. we went to the Japanese butterfly garden. It is my favorite part of the insectarium. I took lots of pictures in there. The butterflies where everywhere. More than normal. One landed on a ladies nose!!!!

We made it point to look in the gift shop this time around because they had a really good clearance AND DJ wanted to get some crickets coated in candy for his friends to try.

We then walked down to aquarium and did a quick run in there. It was overly crowded because they had mermaids in the tanks and it was the birthday I believe of the aquarium. We come all time because we have passes so it was no biggie.
Next we started walking towards the candy shop and the French Market. I noticed they had a record store so we took a quick peek inside there and then headed on our way.
They where handing out free mini Rock star drinks and everyone grabbed on. It didn't taste too bad either considering. Of course all the kids got one because of the cute can and it was ICE cold but they only took sips and then they threw them away because we had made it to the candy shop for goodies! I never go down that way without stopping and getting some homemade pralines. I love the chocolate ones and I got a half a pound this time! I've been on a diet do I didn't splurge. While we where in there a couple came in from England and had to cutest accents. :))
We continued walking unto we got to the French Market until we got to the booth with the purses we where looking for. Honestly I was disappointed. They didn't have what I was looking for. Kaylee wants a backpack purse with fringe. No luck. So we hoped on the street car/trolley thing LOL and headed back to our van. It was out first time to ride it. It was cheap and quick and they kids loved it. (Pics to prove it!)

Thankfully we made it back to the van before dark and headed to Hahnville to see my mom. She just got out of the hospital earlier that day. They where running tests. We visited her for a bit and then we started to head home. We where going to eat at Arby's per David's request but we decided to go inside Chili's because they weather was getting bad and they usually close the cause way down.
It was a great atmosphere and the waitress and hostess couldn't get enough of DJ. He is a ham!  I got the same I have been getting lately. The pineapple tilapia with broccoli. They never fail me with how good this dish is!!! If you go there- try it. Its delicious :))
We headed on our long way home in the rain- 2 hours! We stopped by my dads before to drop off Emilee and DJ for Poppy time. They spent 2 nights with him. Speaking of that they went home with him again tonight. They love going over there and hanging out.

Well that's the up date for Saturday. Sunday we didn't do anything other than lay round and watch tv and eat.

Till next time~Val

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