Monday, December 7, 2015


I am really lacking in this department unfortunately. I got a new phone the other day. I went to Verizon and was having trouble swapping over my iPhone 6plus and decided it was too big and went to a iPhone 6s. It's practically the same phone just the newest version out and smaller. Thank goodness too because that plus was way too big for my pocket. I hated that. I still have the kids on att until next year but everyone else has jumped shipped and let me say it's the best decision ever! I turned off my home phone finally! One less thing to have to pay. I only got it because with att we couldn't talk inside the house. We live in a rural area and Verizon has towers here. 

Onto the next update- Emilee changed her hair color back to normal. I let her dye her hair blue and green around her birthday. She looks great! 
Her hair is getting so long too! 

The kids Christmas recital is coming up this weekend. I'm super excited about it. Of course I will video it and take tons of pictures. We had plans for our friends to come in town but we are kind of sick and they are sick so we decided it was best for them to take the long drive another time. 

School is going great this year! I love the math that all the kids are doing. We are actually loving all the subjects. We are doing Abeka for everything else except Science. 

Christmas is almost here! I can't believe how fast the year has gone. The kids are so easy to shop for. Kaylee wanted another easel and art supplies. Mainly sketch pencils etc. Emilee wanted books and anime stuff but when she lost her kindle (which she read on mainly) we decided to get her an iPad. DJ our little cook is getting this cool combo set. It makes coffee, toasts, grills etc. we also got him a chef hat and apron. All this stuff of course is coming from Santa. DJ still believes and as long as he does we are holding on. The girls love helping move Jollee our elf around. I love that they understand that it's all about make believe and they want to help and still make it magical for him. I explained that Santa and all other holiday characters are a way for adults to still play make believe.  They seemed to understand completely.  
 Anyway- I found this awesome Japanese robe and vintage camera made in Japan. Emilee is going to love it! I found this cute sling bag for Kaylee that will hold Zoey and the new sims computer game she wanted. I got little odds and ends for DJ. He's so easy to shop for. He doesn't play with toys and never has. 

 Jollee left this box for us to make Ninjabread cookies! How cute are these!!!

Jollee was getting attacked last night by the cats. The where hissing at him and eating his marshmallows. Silly cats. 
Last but not least we finished our Thankful tree! It filled up fast. I'm so thankful for my family. 

Till next time- Val

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