Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas gifts

We opened a few of our presents today. Actually I had already given the kids a gift the other night. DJ opened his Mario Cart game, Kaylee open a doll set and Emilee opened a Justin Bieber Christmas cd. They where so happy and I love to see their faces light up!

Well tonight we where gonna let them open up one more gift, and well it turned into opening up two! Kaylee opened up two from us and the ones her brother and sister bought her. She is one blessed young lady. Very loved!
Emilee with her Zebra bag from Momma and Daddy.
Also below with her sketch kit!

Kaylee above with the two dolls her Daddy and I got her and below with her sketch pad.
She loves to draw and color!

DJ above in his green lantern outfit. Below with his Air Hog!

Emilee above in her NEW boots!
Oh yes! She is all about style!
I love how she tried them on with her cute socks!!

Kaylee opening her gift above from her Bubba Bear and below from Emilee Grace!
She loved em'

Zearl is with us and we wanted him to get a gift as well. He is such a BIG kid!
How handsome he looks in his new shirt :)

I am so thankful for such sweet kids. As we gave them the two gifts they quickly wanted to give their gifts to the people they had bought for or made something for. Emilee made her Daddy a cute "I love you" keep sake. Which she was so proud of. I hope that I/We instill in the kids Love, kindness and a giving spirit.
I mean thats what its all about!

Till next time~Val

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