Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas LOVE

It is not the best quality picture but I am not able to use my scanner at this time so it is a picture of a picture.
This is our Christmas family portrait. Also the kids picture. I loved how they came out considering I did NOTHING with my hair!

I wanted to show a little Christmas "love" on how the kids and I decorated this year. We went really light because we didn't know if we where gonna be moving in the middle of the holidays.

The kids and I did a mini memory tree. We wished we put up our BIG tree with our memories on it but we just didn't have the room or time to.
We did put our snow men up!!!

This above is my first ornament when i was born. My mom made it.
Below is a cute ornament I got last year at a sale!
I love "L"

Above is from Emilee Grace and below is a snowglobe from starbucks! Double LOVE!

This is a power ranger that my next door neighbor made for my brother when he was DJ's age. Now its one of DJ's favortie!!

Above is an ornament that my piano teacher gave me one year.
Below is a ornament Kaylee made a few years back.

DJ and Emilee with Santa at the Naval Base for Uncle Zearl's family dinner.

I found these at Forever 21 the other day!

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